"Well, it honestly was by far the coolest experience I have had as a Coach.  Playing in a gym with so much history was unbelievable.  Our guys loved it and will remember that experience for the rest of their lives.  Everything was very nicely organized, and from the second we arrived things went smoothly.  I would highly recommend this to any Coach in the state.  Even our fans are still talking about it, everyone had a wonderful experience!"
Mississinewa H.S. Head Coach- Andrew Evertts



"Playing in the Hoosier Gym was a very neat experience for myself and my players. We really enjoyed the outstanding atmosphere. The staff was top notch and did everything they could to make you feel comfortable. Playing in the Super Hoops Plus Classic was definitely a great experience and one we remember for a very long time."
Seton Catholic H.S. Head Coach- Josh Jurgens


"Not only was our basketball team excited about the opportunity, but also the entire Tipton community was excited about the tremendous ambiance involved in playing a real game in such an old-school, historic atmosphere. It was an unforgettable experience for all of us."
Tipton H.S. Head Coach- Lou Lefevre

"It was one of the highlights of our season to play in Super Hoops Plus Hickory Classic for our players, coaches, fans, and community to play in such a historic venue at the Hoosier Gym"
Greenfield Central H.S. Head Coach- Michael Lewis


"Playing in the Super Hoops Plus Hickory Classic was a great experience for our team.  It gave our 21st Century players an experience of how basketball was back in the glory days of Indiana High School basketball with all of the tremendous small-school venues.  It was like stepping back in the 1950s for our players.  We are thankful we had the opportunity to participate in this outstanding event." 
Zionsville H.S. Head Coach- Shaun Busick

"Our players and fans really enjoyed playing in Super Hoops Plus Hickory Classic at the Hoosier Gym. I think they all could relate with the Hoosiers movie, and it brought back some Hoosier Hysteria with our game."

Barr-Reeve H.S. Head Coach- Bryan Hughes


"Portage basketball was fortunate to take part in the Super Hoops Plus Hickory Classic at the Historical Hoosier Gym this year. The facility and fans took the game back to a time when small town basketball was at its prime. From the fans cheering to the "railroad tracks", the environment created was reminiscent of a special time in Indiana.  Celebrating Indiana basketball at its finest was a memory my players will never forget.  Thanks to Super Hoops Plus for putting together such a memorable event."
Portage H.S. Head Coach- Rick Snodgrass


"Playing in the Super Hoops Hickory Classic was a great opportunity for our team, coaches and whole community. The minute you walk in the gym you feel the nostalgia of Indiana High School basketball and players and teams of years gone by. I told our players that years from now they will still be talking about this experience. Thank you Super Hoops Plus so much for giving the Wes-Del team and community the opportunity to participate!"
Wes-Del H.S. Head Coach- John McGlothin

"It was a great experience for the Valpo Vikings to get the opportunity to play in Super Hoops Plus Hickory Classic at the Hoosier Gym. The team made some great memories that will last a life time. It is truly a landmark of Indiana high school basketball history that should be visited and cherished by all basketball fans."
Valparaiso H.S. Head Coach- Barak Coolman

"The opportunity to play in the Super Hoops Hickory Classic at world famous "Hoosiers Gym" was a dream come true for our players, coaches, and our community. You can feel the nostalgia the minute you arrive for the game. It IS Indiana HS Basketball at its finest!"
Jimtown H.S. Head Coach- Marcus Moore


The Super Hoops Plus Hickory Classic was a tremendous experience not only for our players, but for the coaches and fans as well.  It was an opportunity to visit and learn about the history of Indiana High School Basketball in a “special” venue. 
Northwood H.S. Head Coach- Aaron Wolfe

The Super Hoops Plus Hickory Classic was an awesome experience for our players, coaches, and community!Super Hoops Plus was a first class host with their organization of the event, from the time we arrived and left for the bus, they made it a great experience for all involved.  The opportunity to play at Hoosier Gym, a place blessed with so much history of Indiana High School Basketball was a bucket list opportunity that we will always cherish.  Super Hoops Plus, thank you for all you do for the game!!
Perry Meridian H.S.. Head Coach- Brent Keck

Outstanding day, my players, fans, administrators and Coaches were extremely impressed with the event and the way Super Hoops Plus organized it. We would love to go back and play in this classic again, what a thrill for our entire program. Thanks for having us!
Cambridge City Lincoln H.S.. Head Coach- Rodney Klein